Jessica (kupcake55) wrote,

It hate it how you are close to someone at on time, and then it's like you have no idea who they even are anymore, I have had so many friends and we were so close and we lost contact, this is people that I shared a huge part of my life with, people that I knew inside and out at one point and now I don't ever know them, I hate it. But I guess that is life. It goes by too quickly.

I know I have said this before but I am serious this time I wanna have a get together sometime in the beginning of November probably on the 5th or 6th.
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Let me Know when and where. I know exactly what you mean, some people I try to get back in contact with though, like you I have like the other day. Some people its just nature I suppose.
I am going to have it at my house on the 5th on november,

One night we will have to play checkers again so i can win :) I still think that you used to let me win
Yeah humans are odd creatures.

-Ryan Mercer
I think the whole get together thing will be a good idea, because I would really love to see you and little Gabe. I've been so insanely busy that I haven't gotten the chance to meet up with you to yet.

Hope things are going good!!

yes everything is going good, everything good with you besides being busy?? but i am going to have in the 5th of november that is a saturday at my house and afterwards we could all go out for a little while
I want to be there too. yay...get together.
well of course you should be there!!! As I told Laura, we will go out afterwards when gabe goes to sleep i will get my sister to watch him, and we will get pizza or something while everyone is here