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Well it has been a while, Gabe and I are doing pretty good, i start school in the spring and i am trying to get ready for that
Let's see........
Christmas is going to be a little harder this year

I am decided that, and i have always said this, that i doubt it is going to be a while before i date again, and when i do it's not really going to be around my son, i don't want my son to get mixed ideas, and if i don't think it going to work out i will end it right there, explanation- I am watching my friend Heidi's marriage fall apart, she married someone who drank quite a lot and now shit has happened and it's over, the really bad part is that her daughter calls him dad and she is going to go through somethings and not understand. I seriously don't want Gabe to go through that

Haha oh yeah Gabe is 6 months and has found his penis, funniest moment in the world.

I dyed my hair a reddish tint, I don't like it so I'm gonna high light it.

Nothing really goes on here so i never update, my days and nights are filled with my son, i did go out once about 2 weeks ago with Heidi and we saw Jarred that Subway guy at The Ugly Monkey.
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