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kupcake55's Journal

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12 June
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I'll wish on this, I'll wish with this
I wish...to the bitter end of my day
where were you?
so you had your turn and you made it work
now I'm the laughing stock of your joke
crazy as it may seem I cried for you when you
told me to date all of the things that made you end up in my life
and I'll believe anything I have no luck with girls
I overheard that you were unhappy too
misleading trust into a relationship that makes no sense
over and out Connecticut
but you had your back turned as you faded away
at the end of my day I found out
you weren't worth what I thought of you
write this down in the diary you abuse
can we make plans can I just get throught to you
is this weird...do I scare her?
I'll wish on this, I'll wish with this
I wish...that you could share the love you'd shared with others, with me
this isn't love so forever let it go...forever will it burn
this isn't love there on the backend of forever I wish I would never hurt again

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