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[Nov 19th, 05 | 10:46pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Well it has been a while, Gabe and I are doing pretty good, i start school in the spring and i am trying to get ready for that
Let's see........
Christmas is going to be a little harder this year

I am decided that, and i have always said this, that i doubt it is going to be a while before i date again, and when i do it's not really going to be around my son, i don't want my son to get mixed ideas, and if i don't think it going to work out i will end it right there, explanation- I am watching my friend Heidi's marriage fall apart, she married someone who drank quite a lot and now shit has happened and it's over, the really bad part is that her daughter calls him dad and she is going to go through somethings and not understand. I seriously don't want Gabe to go through that

Haha oh yeah Gabe is 6 months and has found his penis, funniest moment in the world.

I dyed my hair a reddish tint, I don't like it so I'm gonna high light it.

Nothing really goes on here so i never update, my days and nights are filled with my son, i did go out once about 2 weeks ago with Heidi and we saw Jarred that Subway guy at The Ugly Monkey.

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[Oct 3rd, 05 | 9:11pm]
It hate it how you are close to someone at on time, and then it's like you have no idea who they even are anymore, I have had so many friends and we were so close and we lost contact, this is people that I shared a huge part of my life with, people that I knew inside and out at one point and now I don't ever know them, I hate it. But I guess that is life. It goes by too quickly.

I know I have said this before but I am serious this time I wanna have a get together sometime in the beginning of November probably on the 5th or 6th.
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[Sep 30th, 05 | 9:11am]
[ mood | content ]

Everything changes so fast, Gabe has changed so much and he looks nothing like he did when he was born, he's 18 lbs now, haha yeah and almost 5 months, time flys. My days consist of nothing but him, i love it, I have turned into a house mom, it's kind of funny, him and I take naps together and the thing that will always touch my heart is when he smiles at me.
I have made a few friends up here, my friend Heidi lives next door to me and I don't know what I would do without her and her husband sometimes, they help me out a lot. I still miss being able to see my friends in indy though.
I am going back to school in the spring, my goal is to get a house in the next 2 years. It's going to be hard but I am going to do it.
October is a shitty month for me, everything that happened to my dad happen then, and the shitty thing is he got buried on Halloween, this will be the first day that I have actually celebrated on Halloween. I still get so made at him sometimes that he left us, he always wanted a boy and now he has one and he isn't here, well that is enough of that.
Gabe is awake and ready to eat cereal, so yeah

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[Aug 18th, 05 | 7:23am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Melissa, my cousin, is getting married to Chris this weekend, I am happy that he is going to be apart of our family, he's a good guy and they both are head over heals for each other. I starting to get stressed about it cause I am a bridesmaid and I have spent sooo much money on everything and it's hard to find a sitter, but as long as her wedding turns out good.

Gabe has discovered that he has a voice, so cute. He is turning out to be a little chunky butt, I love it. He is just growing so fast, he has doubled his birth weight.

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[Jul 23rd, 05 | 12:52pm]
I spent the night in the hospital with Gabe because my worst fear came true, he stopped breathing during the night on thursday, he is ok right now though, and they sent me home with a really good monitor.
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little update [Jul 16th, 05 | 4:13pm]
[ mood | good ]

Last night was fun I met up with Danielle, who had been drinking for 9 hours prior to me picking her up, we went to a bar by downtown and the went to broadripple. Sucks she wasn't feeling very well, but I think we got a lot of shit out in the open and behind us. We did the whole drunken I love you thing and hugged a million times, but I really did need that from her and it made me feel so much better.
I saw a lot of the 7dfc guys and Beth, and Timmy, and I of course have to show everyone pictures of Gabe, and I think I talked about him most of the night, which I hope I didn't bore the hell out of anyone with it, but it's one of the things where I can't help.
Tanya showed up and her and i tried to go dancing and didn't really work out cause they were playing techno, but i had to leave anyways cause Tiff was getting tired and wanted me to come home, so i took Tanya to an apartment and her and i talked a lot on the way, it's going to suck when she moves to NY but she never really wanted to spend the rest of her life in indy.

Nevertheless, I had an awesome time.

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[Jul 13th, 05 | 8:43pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Nothing has been going on I am just bored and wanted to type........

Gabe has been sleeping really well at night it's been 4-6 hours which is awesome...
My sister gave me and anti SIDS monitor cause that is scary and I didn't let him sleep in his room until I got it since when he slept in my room it was in a bassinet and it was an inch from my bed so I got to reach over during the night and check on him. So know I am comforted it makes a loud alarm if he stops breathing which I hope never ever happens.

Friday night is going to be my first night going out, I doubt that it will be too late so I don't get sleep deprived. It's gong to drive me nuts and i am probally going to call every thruty minutes but my mom says it's good for me to get out every once and a while and that he will be ok............
well i am sure i am boring you guys with ramblings

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[Jul 8th, 05 | 8:44pm]
OK SO I posted a pic of gabe on my myspace pictures
I know it's kind of cheesy but i think it's cute
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[Jul 5th, 05 | 5:11pm]
Well, my 4th was pretty good, my grandma watched gabe for a few hours and we went out on the boat, i got a little burnt though, and my mom's dog jumped in the lake and i jumped in to get her and when i got back on the boat i noticed my $50 plugs were gone, so i had to go to broadripple and get some more, that sucked.

Gabe is starting to feel better and is sleeping awesome now, i think i am going to see my family in indy this week and hopefully i can use their scanner to scan some pics of him.
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[Jun 27th, 05 | 1:28pm]
Gabe is sick..................... I want him to get better, it just sound like a cold but he is too young so i made him a doctors appointment because i am paranoid about it. His sleeping is messed up and he's eating is messed up. I dunno..........

Other than that everything has been pretty good, he smiled for his first time when he was awake 2 days ago, it was awesome and made my heart melt, he was laying there and i was talking to him and he did a huge smile. oh i love it
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